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Friction disc type weaving shaft winding mechanism and gauze device
In order to make the yarn reciprocate correctly under the guidance of the groove of the slot, the shape of the groove is specially designed, such as the width, depth and angle.
On the grooved drum, the grooves that guide the yarns to the central side of the middle of the trough are called the grooves, and the grooves that lead the yarns from the side of the trough back to the middle are called the back grooves. A grooved cylinder has two left and right trenches, two grooves at the ends of the groove edges, and each groove has one segment from the groove and the back slot. The connection point between the left and the back grooves is the middle point of the guide yarn. With different properties of the groove curve, the position of the middle point of the guide yarn is slightly different.
When the yarn is guided away from the grooves, the yarn tension acts to make the yarn itself slide out of the trench easily. Therefore, the cross-section shape of the slot is narrow and deep, and some section sections such as pocket and wall are inward recessed.
When the yarn is guided by the slot, the yarn tension increases its return. Therefore, the cross section of the back groove is wide and shallow, and the width is about 2-3.5 times of the narrowest slot.
The ambassador groove has enough effect to control the yarn, and the groove should have the proper depth. Usually muzao simply from the groove depth of glue is 17^-18mm or so, the groove metal tube can be deeper. The bottom of the trench coffin uses a circular arc rather than a sharp angle to prevent the yarn from being easily embed, and the diameter of the arc generally uses 2-3 times the diameter of the maximum yarn.