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The effect of the collaterals on the quality and efficiency of the successor process
1. loosening head and long tail knot in the process of warping or weaving, the loosening head will be loosened to cause parking. The larger knob in the loom L not only affects the fracture of the adjacent yarn, but also prevents the yarn from passing through the fully mechanized and box teeth.
2. chaos knot in decapitated doffer not found decapitated, and Jane snapped on the yarn ring, one end of the yarn and yarn on ring pipe connected with the head.
In the first 3. decapitated winders have not found broken yarn yarn on calcaneus to pull out phase, while the tube yarn yarn on Jane son, this will cause warping when parking.
There are many reasons for the 4. cobweb or removal, and the more obvious edge removal is irregular, usually caused by inadvertent operation. The machine is not installed correctly or faulty operation, will also have the defects, such as tube malposition, spindle tube horizontal spindle base about loose, loose. This kind of point will cause the whole break.
5. when the drum drum winder is rough in the groove of the intersection, the location of the device is not tension and yarn board clothes blocked, will make the guiding travel becomes small, and the defect.